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Streamlining Stylist Commissions

Managing stylist commissions is a critical aspect of salon operations. With Odoo's salon management software, you can efficiently handle commissions for stylists during the billing process. The system allows you to assign commissions based on a percentage or a fixed amount for specific products or categories. Stylists can easily access commission information through a dedicated app on their phones or online, providing transparency and accountability.

The beauty of this system becomes evident, especially towards the end of the month when stylist payments are due. The seamless integration of commission data into the accounting module ensures easy reporting and comprehensive commission management. Stylists can quickly identify any discrepancies and report them to management, fostering a transparent and efficient workflow. 

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Retail Sales Integration

Odoo's salon management software extends beyond commission management, offering robust solutions for retail sales. You can effortlessly sell consumer products such as shampoos and hair creams, as well as hair-related items like wigs and braids connected to your inventory. This integration ensures that when a sale occurs, the corresponding products are automatically deducted from the stock. Additionally, you can assign specific hair products to stylists during billing, providing insights into each stylist's product usage and sales performance.

Comprehensive Inventory Management

Keeping track of your salon's inventory is made simple with Odoo. The system provides real-time insights into the stock movement, including the number of SKUs in stock, when they were bought, and when they were sold. You can monitor product consumption, from freebies provided to customers to the hair and other products used during various services like treatments.

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Integrated Accounting for Business Insight

Odoo's salon management software offers an integrated accounting module that empowers you with a holistic view of your financials. From profit and loss statements to bank balances and balance sheets, the system provides comprehensive insights. You can manage customer and vendor bills effortlessly and generate various accounting reports, including tax reports. The system also enables expense reconciliations, allowing you to monitor monthly expenses, ultimately aiding in informed business decision-making.