5.2: How to Sell Products through POS

Selling Products through POS

How to sell products through POS

To do this follow the following steps;
Step 1. On the new page that opens up, type the name of the product in the search tab as shown below. 

Step 2. From the list of products from the search results, click on the specific product as shown below. 

Step 3. Click on Qty and click on the numerical value of how many quantities the customer needs.

Step 4. Click on price and type the price of the product if you are using a different price list.

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\pos\Screenshot_5.png

Step 5. Then click on the customer tab as shown below so as to select the customer whom you are selling the products to as shown below.

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\pos\Screenshot_6.png

Step 6. In the search tab, type the name of the customer and when found, click on the name of that customer.

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\pos\Screenshot_7.png

Step 7. On the next page that opens up, click on the set customer tab as shown below.

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\pos\Screenshot_8.png

Step 8. On the next page, click on the payment tab as shown below to indicate the method of payment preferred by the customer.

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\pos\Screenshot_9.png

Option 1 is a cash basis while option 2 is by an invoice basis as shown below. In this case, payment is by cash.

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\pos\Screenshot_10.png

Step 9. On the next page, type the amount given by the customer, then click on validate tab as shown below to conclude the sales process through the point of sale.

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\pos\Screenshot_14.png

Step 10. On the next page, click on the print receipt as shown below. For the next order, click on the next order as shown below.

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\pos\Screenshot_15.png

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