2.3.3: How to Receive Goods

Receiving Goods

How to Receive Goods

When a RFQ is sent to your supplier, the suppliers will deliver the requested products. The Purchase Manager or Manager can now go ahead and receive the goods as shown by the following steps:

Step 1. On the purchase App, click on purchase order as shown below. All orders that are locked means that the purchase process is complete and the purchase order is sent to the supplier. 

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\purchase\Screenshot_10.png

Step 2. In the list of all purchase orders, click on the one you wish to receive products.

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\purchase\Screenshot_11.png

Step 3. On the new page that opens up, click on Receive products as shown below.

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\purchase\Screenshot_12.png

Receive the products and when satisfied that you have received the requested number.
Step 4. Click on validate as shown below. 

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\purchase\Screenshot_13.png

If the products have any issues:

Step 1. Click on edit before you validate. Issues could be like broken products, missing products, wrong variants of products delivered, etc as shown below.

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\purchase\Screenshot_14.png

Step 2. On the new page that opens up, click the list icon as shown below so as to edit the Purchase order.

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\purchase\Screenshot_15.png

Step 3. In the new page that opens up, edit the done quantity since the done quantity is the quantity you are willing to receive.

Step 4. When done click on confirm and in the receive Product page click on validate.

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\purchase\Screenshot_16.png

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