2.3.2: How to Set Products Variants.

Setting Up Product Variants

How to set up product variants.

Follow the following steps to create products variants:

Step 1. Click on product variant in the purchase menu drop down as shown below. 

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\purchase\Screenshot_7.png

Step 2. In the new page that opens up, click on the create button as shown below.

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\purchase\Screenshot_8.png

Step 3. In the new page that opens up, create a new product which by its name indicate the variant as shown below. Fill in the critical details such as sales price, cost etc and when done click on save as shown below.

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\purchase\Screenshot_9.png

i.e. If the product is sold as variants, click on the Variants tab in your product setting page as shown below and select the variant that applies to your products. Finally click on save.

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\purchase\Screenshot_6.png

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