1.1: How to Create a Journal.

1.1 The Accounting Journal

How to create an Accounting Journal Journal

 Step 1. Click on the Accounting menu item as shown below

Step 2. In accounting module, click on configuration tab and then click on journals as shown below.

Step 3. In the new page that opens up, click on the create button as shown below so that you create a journal called Opening balance as shown below.

NB: As we create a journal, keep in mind that we are creating a journal so that we can be able to post the opening balance of our customers as well as our suppliers.

Step 4. Do the following:

(i) In the new page that opens up, type the name of the journal in this case “Opening balance as of 31/10/2020”

(ii) Choose the type as “ Miscellaneous” ,then type the short code as “OPBL/”  and finally for the default Debit, Credit and Currency  leave blank as shown below.

(iii) When through with that Click on save button. 

The journal created above should appear in the list of journals as shown below. 

Next we are going to deal with: Charts of Accounts

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