E-Learning and Workplace Development Services

We help you bring learning to learners instead of the other way round

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Whether you’re interested in educating learners across the world, your students at a university or college, enhancing your company’s employee productivity, increasing the skills of a global workforce, or encouraging collaboration, MetroICT can deliver translation and interpretation services to support your company’s or institution's learning and development objectives.

Moodle Services 

A s part of our e Learning and workplace development services, with specific knowledge of your target audience, our specialists at Metro ICT can also provide content localisation consultancy. In addition to this, we offer comprehensive testing services to verify that your e Learning materials meet your language and market requirements. We provide e Learning services such as:

Custom Course Creation Services

Course creation, being at the heart of elearning, is one of our core strengths. We deliver to specifications

Moodle Installation & support & Training

We install, train and support moodle LMS for all your needs no matter how complex your situation is

Course Design and Documentation

We design and document your courses in conformity with set standards for reusability and posterity

Online Tests and Reporting

We help you create reusable quizes. Quizes are a widely used to test learning

e-commerce Integration

Sell courses online seamlessly. Configure pricing, discounts and subscriptions.

Virtual Classroom

Deliver Classes, Meetings, Webinars and conferences everywhere, anywhere

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